Photography: Back to Basics

Photography: Back to Basics

Photography: Back to Basics


This class covers everything from an introduction into digital technology to important camera settings, and how to start taking a good picture no matter what your subject.

Perfect for the entry-level enthusiast! This class is designed for photography beginners and photo enthusiasts looking to learn the basics of digital photography- both the art and the science of it.


During this 6 hour workshop college professor Tony Chirinos will share with you a comprehensive method for creating your own amazing images.

Learn the components of the lens and how they affect Depth of Field, What’s the best shutter speed to use, how to control your camera exposure, , the benefits of using Manual vs. Auto focus, How to save your files and manage all your files.

You will then go on a photographic assignment in Jungle Island to practice what you have learned with Professor Tony Chirinos before coming back to review, comment and critic everybody’s pictures.

At the same time fun and instructive this workshop will leave you confident to be able to take great pictures and feeling ready to attend the advance workshop and the photo safari workshop.

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